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Advanced Biomarker Testing with Function Health

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing Areas

  1. Brain Health

  2. Stress & Resilience

  3. Thyroid Health

  4. Cardiovascular Health

  5. GI/Gut Health

  6. Detoxification

  7. Sexual Health

  8. Musculoskeletal Health

  9. Joint Health

  10. Metabolic Health

  11. Immune System

  12. Pulmonary Health

  13. Sleep Quality

  14. Hormonal Balance

  15. Nutritional Status

  16. Inflammation Levels

  17. Liver Function

  18. Kidney Function

  19. Bone Density

  20. Hydration Status

Your test results will come with detailed explanations and insights tailored to your unique health profile. This information is sourced from a diverse group of top medical professionals, including Function Health's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Hyman MD. All insights are based on published, peer-reviewed scientific studies from reputable sources like the NIH, JAMA, and NEJM. Each round of test results is reviewed by clinicians, whose comprehensive write-ups are included. You'll have easy access to your reports through a dedicated portal, ensuring you understand and can act on your health data effectively.


  • Early Detection of Chronic Conditions: By monitoring over 100 biomarkers, we can detect early signs of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and hormonal imbalances. This early detection allows for timely interventions, potentially extending lifespan by preventing the progression of these conditions.

  • Tailored Preventive Strategies: With a detailed understanding of your unique health profile, we can develop personalized preventive strategies, including lifestyle modifications, dietary plans, and targeted therapies, all aimed at promoting long-term health and longevity.

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  • Optimized Nutrient and Hormone Levels: Biomarker testing provides insights into your nutrient and hormone levels, allowing for precise adjustments to optimize physical and mental performance. This can lead to enhanced energy levels, improved muscle function, and better cognitive abilities.

  • Customized Recovery Plans: By understanding the specific biomarkers related to muscle health and recovery, we can create personalized recovery plans that help athletes and active individuals recover faster from workouts and injuries, ensuring sustained peak performance.

Young Athletes

Overall Health

  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring: Regular biomarker testing offers a holistic view of your health, covering critical areas such as heart health, metabolic function, and immune system status. This comprehensive monitoring helps in maintaining overall well-being and preventing health issues.

  • Proactive Health Management: Armed with detailed biomarker data, we can proactively manage your health by adjusting treatments and lifestyle recommendations in real-time. This proactive approach helps in maintaining balance and preventing potential health crises, ensuring you stay healthy and vibrant

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